Machine Learning

According to Wikipedia, Machine Learning is the subfield of computer science that “gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed” (Arthur Samuel, 1959). So, in my point of view Machine learning is a program that enable computer to learn just like humans do. It process involve learning based on the data the computer obtained , and make predictions on the next data that would be received by the computer. Machine learning can also make decisions and predictions based on the data they have.

In my opinion, Machine Learning is useful if you are working with a large amount of data that cant be handled by human. But despite being a program , it can make precise decisions and reliable predictions because the program is continually learn.

By using the Machine Learning , i’d like to create a program that can replace the immigration people in the airport. So, the program will check the validity of the passports , ID card and other documents. And because Machine Learning have the ability to learn, it can provide reliable decisions when determining whether the passenger documents is valid or not because of the fact that the people that would like to do something illegal , always finds a way and improve their approach in doing so. But with the Machine Learning , the program is also improving as time pass.


Aqsha Biyano Tresan Andanaputra


Odd Semester 2016/2017

School of Computer Science, Bina Nusantara University

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